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Whether you’re taking the next step on the career ladder, fancy a change in industry or you’re simply hunting for a new job, Star Employment Services are here to help you along the way.

Why Star Employment Services? The team at Star Employment Services understand how competitive the job market can be and with over 50 years experience between them they are here to help you secure your next role. Star Employment Services do not charge job seekers, they recoup the costs from the company that hire you.

Our team understand everyone is different and go out of their way to make sure individual needs are met. 

What information do we need from you? The team will discuss in details what their client is looking for. They need to know about current and previous experiences, any qualifications that may be relevant to roles you seek, your financial expectations, and other important criteria like working hours, location and responsibilities. 

Star Employment Services is the first step to securing an interview, so they ask questions that clients may to prepare their candidates and prevent any negative feedback during an interview. 

How do we do this? The team meets with recruiters to gain a thorough understanding of their requirement, such as duties, working hours, salary, job responsibilities and specification of the ideal person.

However, as the team take the time in learning about everything about what the company has to offer, whether that be the added financial perks or access to amenities Star Employment Services will make preparation easy.

Once they have all the right information they approach you and check you are happy with the role on offer, if you agree and want to be submitted, Star Employment Services profile your details and formally submit them. 

Throughout the process from submission to feedback, from interview to offer, you will be kept updated with every bit of information.

So what now? Use the search box to look for a job that grabs your attention, submit your CV or call and speak with a member of the team. 

If Star Employment Services haven't got a vacancy that's for you contact the team, explain your skills and expectations and let them help. If there aren't any roles to suit you right now, the team will ask you to send your CV to ensure you're the first to know of the latest opportunities. 

As well as this, the resource team can actively promote your CV to businesses, who may not be advertising a requirement or even have a need for someone, but seeing your skills and experience may just open up an opportunity for you.

why your cv is so important...

Your CV is your passport to a face-to-face interview, so it’s important to get it right. It needs to capture the attention of your prospective employer over all the other applications.

What To Include:

  • The most widely accepted format is two sides of A4 listing your name, contact details, key skills and achievements, work experience, education and qualifications and referees.
  • Make sure it’s laid out clearly in distinct sections and always list your work experience, education and qualifications in reverse chronological order.
  • Make it bias to the job you seek. Have relevant experience more prominent and lesser relevant work still listed, but compact.
  • Summarise your skills and achievements into bullet points or small paragraphs - especially if you have a lengthy work or educational history.
  • Read the advert carefully and keep your application relevant, identifying key skills required and ensuring they are listed in your CV.

What to avoid;
  • Colours and pictures - unless it’s a job based on artistic flare and design.
  • Lengthy CV’s - no one has time to read four pages of experience.
  • Gaps in employment - if you have them explain them, whether that’s within your CV or on a covering letter.
  • Hobbies - think about what your putting, as sometimes hobbies and interests can have a detrimental effect and put potential employers off.

Top tip:  Get someone to look over your CV before submitting it. Ask them to give you feedback, both positive and constructive - some of your best friends can be your greatest critics. 

We have more tips and tricks to perfect your CV that we can go through with you during the registration process.

cover letter

Your cover letter is an opportunity to elaborate on some of the key skills and achievements within your CV, and it should be no longer than one page and kept simple.

Although it’s tempting to send the same cover letter each time you apply for a new job, it’s important to tailor it carefully for each application you make.
Employers want to know exactly why you’re the ideal person for the job and how your previous skills and experience can be applied in that role.

the interview

The best advice for a successful interview is to be prepared; always remember 'fail to prepare then prepare to fail'.

  • Anticipate some of the questions you might be asked, such as why you left your previous job, what your weaknesses are or an example of a time when you demonstrated particular skills the job requires.
  • Being clean, smartly-dressed, punctual and friendly are crucial.
  • Be careful not to ramble in your answers – be clear and concise, smile and make eye contact.
  • Ask the interviewer how they feel your interview went. Accepting positive criticism is a great trait that all employers need in their staff.
  • Employers will usually let you know when they’ll be making a decision as this will usually give you an indication as to whether you have been successful to the next stage. If you haven’t heard from them by this time, it’s perfectly acceptable to give them a call and check the status of your application; It shows your enthusiasm.
Prior to any interviews that you attend through Star Employment Services, the team will provide you with information relating to the best way to prepare for that particular interview, passing on as many tools towards your success.

equal opportunities

Read our Equal Opportunities Policy: Click Here

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