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Common Misconceptions In The Recruitment Industry

Before I joined the recruitment industry, I had to admit there was a lot of things I was unsure about. I wasn’t sure whether it was the career for me to build on, or whether it was just something to gain experience from and then move on. As it happens, recruitment is now a long term career for me, with many skills learnt. I have grown in confidence as well as in my ability to be able to find someone the perfect job, or fill a vacancy for a certain business.

A lot of people believe that working in the recruitment sector is a short term plan whilst looking for something more ideal. This really doesn’t have to be the case, and I believe this is a misconception that is frequently made. Recruitment may not be for everyone, but for the right minded person, it is a fast paced area which you can thrive in. You will constantly challenge yourself, meet new people, develop your personal skills and grow as an individual. You can also grow within a team environment, which is a quality skill in this day and age.

Another misunderstanding in this industry is that there is limited job satisfaction. If you are always helping other people reach their career goals, what happens to yours? I have to disagree with this, as having progressed into my role as operations manager, I have had new responsibilities along the way. I achieve my career satisfaction by training new members of staff, building long term business relationships with candidates and clients and working with my team.

Recruitment is all about growing and building relationships. It is a friendly environment and although outsiders can misjudge and assume it is cut-throat and harsh, I know first-hand that it doesn’t have to be.

Kylee Russon is operations manager at Star Employment Services.

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