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How To Survive Starting Out In The Recruitment Industry

Starting out in any industry can be a challenge, but recruitment can often appear comparatively tough. The first few months is a learning process, with brand new jargon, terminology and colleagues. Although it can be overwhelming, it is important to guide yourself through it and find your feet.

It is crucial to take your time whilst getting your head around your new role. Nobody will expect you to be an expert the minute you arrive, so go at a slow pace and make sure you understand something before moving on to the next task. Let yourself learn good habits from the beginning and the rest should be more straightforward. Your speed in completing what you need to do will increase as you get used to the job.

Whenever anyone new starts with Star Employment, I encourage them not to put off things like making phone calls. The longer you leave it, the more daunting it will become. Dealing with a candidate or client can seem scary the first few times, however practice makes perfect. What’s the worst thing that can happen? You will fumble your words or say the wrong thing. It is not a dreadful situation and you will only improve.

If you are unsure, it is always ok to ask a question. I like to encourage my team to ask for help if they need it, or to double check something if they are not 100percent certain. You will be surrounded by people working in recruitment so take advantage of their knowledge and take them up on their offers to help you. Chat to your colleagues and try not to feel shy, although sometimes that can difficult when you are new to an industry. Nobody will be expecting you to know everything immediately.

Hours can be long and involve a lot of hard work, so taking time out to have your lunch and get away from your desk is beneficial. Sometimes I myself can begin to feel frazzled so I like to have a lunch break and go for a quick walk just to refresh my brain. When you are new to the job, it may feel like you need to learn everything and don’t have time for a break- but this certainly isn’t the case. Your productivity will increase if you take time out in the middle of the day as it is impossible to just work straight through. Accept the challenge, and you will do well.

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