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How To Write A CV For A Job In Care

Writing the perfect CV is never an easy task, find out how write a CV for a job in care

A career in care can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Entering the industry however, can be a challenge in itself and writing the perfect CV is never an easy task. Although it might seem like a straightforward part of the application process, it is crucial that your CV is done properly and stands out from the crowd. A good CV means an employer’s first impression of you is a positive one.

Is a CV important for a job in care?

A CV, although quite traditional, is still very much in demand by employers across the UK. Keeping it relevant is key. Common mistakes include filling it with irrelevant work experience, such as the paper round you did when you were 12 and the Saturday job you had whilst at school. Keep it clean, with care related experience and skills that are transferrable to the sector. Leave out personal things too, like marital status and religious views. The care industry is inclusive and jobs will not be judged on such details.

Always tell the truth – you will get caught out. You won’t be the first and you certainly won’t be the last person to lie on your CV, so be honest and this will get you much further. Make sure the format and grammar is consistent, neat and correct with all spelling checked. There is no excuse for the mistake of spelling errors.

How should I structure my CV?

Structuring your CV in the right way can make all the difference. A good starting point is with your name, address and contact details. This can be followed by a short introduction about yourself, where you should summarise and highlight what you can offer to the care sector. A summary of your skills and your relevant care experience will come next, plus other previous work in which you have gained skills that can be useful. Wherever possible, use the same adjectives as those used in the job advert. List achievements, your education and training and finish with your references.

Star Employment operations manager, Kylee Russon, says: “Writing the perfect CV for a job in the care industry is by no means an easy thing to do. The skills that employers will be looking for are a passion for the sector and a love for helping people.

“A positive and enthusiastic attitude is also needed, with the ability to approach sensitive situations correctly. You should respect others and work well within a team. Your CV is like your shop window so following our tips will put you in a good place amongst other candidates.”

Help with writing your CV

Star Employment Services will check your CV free of charge if you are unsure about what you have written. Speak to our agency team today and we will help you find your ideal job. You can either register your details here or call us on 01902 319333

What’s the best route into the care sector?

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