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Top 5 Tips For Preparing For A Job Interview

A job interview can feel like a daunting experience, but it can be made all the more stress free if you arrive prepared. There are a few steps you can follow in order to feel as prepared as possible and minimise any nervous emotions you may be having. Bagging your dream job doesn’t have to be anything less than reality.

1.Do your research

The key here is to do a thorough amount of research on the company and to show them what you know. Spend time on their website, looking at the brand and what they are all about. Be familiar with what the company do and be aware of the history. Stating relevant information in your interview shows the interviewer you are serious about the job and want to be part of the company. Be ready for when you are asked what you know.

2. Get ready with plenty of time

Waiting until the last minute to get ready for an interview is a careless approach. Prepping an outfit the night before should be priority, as is printing extra copies of your resume. You should also put out a pen, paper and any examples of your work to take with you. Be neat and tidy and get ready with time to spare so you are not rushing and have time to find the building. Looking up directions before you go is also a good idea.

3. Practice potential questions

Make a list of any questions you think you may be asked, and practice answers for each one. This will ensure that you have some phrases ready in your head for when the interviewer questions you, and you will not feel put on the spot. Rehearse what you will say about yourself and your experience, and why you would be a good fit with the company. Memorising your strengths and skills is advisable.

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4. Ask insightful questions

The interview is not just for the employer to query you, it is also for you to question the employer. Finding out whether you want to work there is important, and so try to come up with a few things to ask. This could be more in-depth enquiries about the day-to-day job role, the team and the working week. You will appear enthusiastic and curious, and will give the impression you are genuinely interested in taking up the position.

5. Remember body language

Poor body language should not be a distraction from the things you are discussing during your interview. It is important to smile, make eye contact and don’t appear to be looking around at other things. Don’t fidget or fiddle with things- all your attention should be on the interviewer.

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