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How To Write A Job Description

By definition, a job description is a formal account of an employee’s responsibilities. It defines the general tasks and duties of a position and may specify the skills and qualifications that are relevant. The description is often written after the job has been analysed, with areas of knowledge needed considered.

As an employer, you have a better chance of attracting top class talent during your recruitment process if the role is documented clearly. If you take the time to define who you want to hire, it saves both you and potential candidates time. Although a job description is useful when you come to recruiting new members of staff, it also plays in purpose throughout that person’s employment time. It is key that the role is clear from the beginning, therefore writing it in simple terms has never been more necessary.

As an employer, your job description is your chance to connect with budding candidates. It is effectively a first impression so should be engaging and inclusive and prompt the right people to apply. This will save you time from sifting through lots of irrelevant applications. Firstly, use a clear title as this will attract the correct type of people and those who are appropriately qualified for the role. Secondly, describe the tasks the job will involve so that the employer and the candidate are both on the same page when discussing. Thirdly, sell both the job and the company as candidates should feel enthusiastic when applying.

Inevitably, there are a few common mistakes made when writing a job description. Trying to be quirky is not appropriate- being clear and concise will have better results. Asking for too much can occur, so be realistic and make sure the job duties are not neglected. Using negative language is also not a good idea.

Star Employment Services operations manager Kylee Russon said: “Any employers who are looking to attract the best talent will need to devote some time to creating an appealing job description.

“If there is a lack of effort, then this is apparent and will turn off candidates and the very first point of engagement. First impressions really do matter.”

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