Ways of keeping new staff engaged

Ways of keeping new staff engaged

Kylee Russon, Head of Star Employment Services recruitment agency, writes: All too often at the moment we are dealing with recurring situations where newly employed staff accept a role, but leave a week later when something ‘better’ arises.

This has a profoundly negative impact on everyone – the employee, the employer, and the wider team in the workplace. It increases admin and spend, creates uncertainty, and can impact on general business performance. But what can be done to address it?

Increasing loyalty from the very beginning of someone’s appointment is key to ensuring that money spent on the recruitment process is not lost. It is currently a candidate-driven marketplace, and an employer needs to do everything possible to retain their new appointment.

Things to bear in mind

• What sort of package are you offering? If it’s a short-term, temporary contract, what else are you going to give your new employee to make sure they stay for the duration?

• Holidays, days off in lieu, flexible working arrangements are all highly valued by workers and will make your company stand out against others.

• A subsidised in-house café, free coffee on tap, fruit for breakfast, or other simple ‘freebies’ can all make the difference between someone deciding to stay with your firm or not.

• Long-term job prospects, training schemes, generous pensions are again something to bear in mind. What are you offering your staff?

• Company bonus schemes are not as prevalent as they once were but small gestures like gifts for staff children at Christmas can again make a big difference to staff loyalty.

• Is your brand one that employees are proud to be associated with? Do you have a good social media presence? Are you talked about positively? Does your marketing and PR prove effective at selling your message? Employees are more likely to stay if you are considered a ‘good’ brand to work with.

Finally, when launching into any recruitment drive, make sure you work with an agency that cares. 

A good recruitment agency will maintain regular contact with prospective employers and employees to keep everyone up to date with developments, progress, and expectations. 
Building strong relationships, and making people feel valued, is critical to building and maintaining loyalty in the workplace.

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